As a fitness coach, my goal is to support you as you embark on your fitness journey! Fitness encompasses a number of things. Here, our primary focus is fitness and beauty! Tiffany is passionate about natural health and beauty, as well as the benefits it provides to the mind, body and spirit. She loves seeking optimal health in her own life and helping others do the same. Individual goals may include any of the following: (1) Improving Flexibility, (2) Gaining Strength, (3) Losing Fat, (4) Adding Lean Muscle, (5) Training for a Special Event, (6) Recovering from an Injury, (7) Improving Skin Care, or (8) Enhancing Your Natural Beauty. Regardless of your personal goals and objectives, Tiffany will thoughtfully and professionally help you turn them into reality!

Specialty Areas:

Personal Training

Group Fitness


Weight Loss

Arm and Core Strength

Increasing Muscle Mass

Increasing Cardiovascular Fitness

Sports Specific Training (cheerleading, dance, track, softball)

Fitness Plans


Skin Care

Beauty EnhancementFull Face and Body Transformation